The Story Of Gridiron Cannabis Foundation

The commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), Roger Goodell, stated he would allow the use of medical cannabis if medical experts deemed it a legitimate solution. Formed with NFL cannabis patients in mind, Gridiron Cannabis Foundation (GCF) focuses on advancing the research of medical cannabis in order to allow players an alternative means to treat injuries such as concussions and chronic pain. The NFL claims it will follow the science, and GCF plans to hand-deliver the science using the ideal participants – NFL players.

The goal of cannabis based medications being utilized by the NFL will not be an easy one. We are tasked with convincing Roger Goodell, the NFL owners and the NFL Players Association, in addition to changing the hearts and minds of the mass population. As it stands today, marijuana is a schedule one controlled substance. The legal and political landscape of medical cannabis has gained significant momentum in the last five years, but there is a long way to go until cannabis is fully accepted as a legitimate medicine.

In order for GCF to show NFL executives the efficacy of cannabis use to prevent neurodegenerative diseases and treat other ailments, we have to first advocate and educate throughout the country and beyond. It is important if we want to change NFL policy, we must also work on changing the stigma that surrounds cannabis. Education of the public involves using traditional media, social media, educational seminars, and other speaking engagements.

Driving the scientific advancement of medical cannabis will both address the NFL’s current position and contribute to ongoing research with the potential to improve and save thousands of lives. We have teamed up with dedicated doctors, patients, advocates, and cannabis industry professionals to create robust studies that prove cannabis cannot only treat ailments but save lives.